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5 Reasons to Add PURL'S to your Direct Mail Campaign

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Marketing campaign ROI tracking is one of the main trouble spots of any marketer and business owner. Although everyone admits the importance of marketing for business growth and customer engagement, marketing efforts are never easy to measure and calculate. In this respect, a Personalized URL(PURL) campaign can be an effective way to improve your marketing analytics and grow the return on investment for several reasons:

PURL Landing Page Benefit #1: Real-Time Data Management

With PURL marketing, you immediately receive feedback about user activity. Since every customer is tracked separately, you can measure how many people browsed the PURL landing page, what actions they took, and what percentage of the leads converted. This gives you better control over your marketing efforts since you instantly see whether your message yields the expected results. This advantage of PURL landing pages is critical if you are just starting a marketing campaign and want to estimate its ROI.

For example, you can launch two test mail campaigns based on different types of direct mail and designs. After you deliver the mail and process the results, it will be clear which kind of mail marketing benefits your ROI. To get started, we will process your vibrable data direct mail piece, so you can add a link to a personalized landing page on every mail piece.

PURL Landing Page Benefit #2: Increased Conversion and Response Rates

Variable content allows you to adapt the message and use triggers that make customers more likely to convert. This results in higher conversion and response rates, which, in turn, increase the return on investment. Here is one of the common PURL marketing approaches: The respondent arrives at his or her personalized landing page, which maintains the design and tone of your direct mail package with a personalized greeting and pre-populated fields that help drive immediate response. The user learns more about your offer and can instantly respond to it, request additional information by email or mail, or even make a purchase without ever leaving their personalized landing page.

PURL Landing Page Benefit #3: Target Audience Segmentation

With a PURL landing page, you create a feedback loop and can use these results to segment your target audiences. For example, if you deliver 100 leaflets with PURLs, and 10 recipients visit the PURL landing page, you can be sure that these people are interested in your product. It’s worth moving them to a separate list to provide such leads with more specific and relevant variable content. You will also get useful data about the recipients who ignored your mailing. A closer study of their behavioral patterns may be helpful to attract their attention in the future. This way, your PURL marketing will become better planned, and you will be able to allocate your budget with maximum ROI.

PURL Landing Page Benefit #4: Personalization

It was found that personalization increases ROI by 5-8 times. Everyone likes feeling special when the web content is tailored to their needs. In addition to that, PURLs provoke curiosity. For example, you can greet a user with a landing page or microsite that mentions their name or other relevant information. You can also use variable data printing functionality to deliver customized mail pieces with a unique PURL to every potential customer. Remember to keep the balance and don’t overuse personal details without the necessity. The disclosure of confidential information without the user’s consent can undermine your business reputation. Another option is customizing the offer and message on your web resource. This will engage those users who don’t want to waste time on studying your assortment and would love to see the best offer right away.

PURL Landing Page Benefit #5: Lead Nurturing

PURL marketing helps to collect leads, nurture them, and build solid customer relationships. It’s also particularly effective for loyalty programs. For example, you can add PURLs to emails or mail pieces and forward people to their loyalty page. Since rewards programs make 77% of consumers more likely to purchase and 63% to modify their cart for maximum bonuses, such a marketing approach will have a positive effect on your ROI. Moreover, PURLs marketing can significantly speed up order placement, since contact information will be pre-populated once prospects visit the PURL landing page. The simpler the checkout, the better conversion rates you have.


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