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Go beyond basic with our NEW Digital 5th Color offerings.

We are proud to announce the Heidelberg Versafire with a 5th Color Station, Digital Press, has been added to our family of state-of-the art presses. We are excited about the new opportunities this offers our customers. First of all the digital press can do what all of our previous presses can do, except it can print in 5-colors. Beyond traditional four-color process printing (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) it allows us to print in white, clear or neon pink.

With this new press – your creativity is now extended for short run and full variable printing. Imagine what you can do when every sheet is unique…

  • Big presentation? – Ask us to produce personalized pocket folders for each of your attendees

  • New product launch? – Work with us for sample packaging and test roll out

  • Poster art – Have us print 10 (or 100) posters that virtually JUMP off the wall

  • Print on clear – That’s right we can print on clear plastic with white ink to make your message stand out

We are sharing this sales video, just in case you want to know more, it is just one more way that Graphic Composition is able to deliver MORE to our clients.

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