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Is Your Direct Mail Fun?

Creativity is the key to grabbing attention with your direct mail that in turn with the right offer and messaging will drive an increase in response rates. So how creative have you been lately? My favorite way to grab attention is with embellishments. This is a great way to make direct mail stand out in a way that no other marketing channel can. Why do I love them? Well to start with they engage the sense of touch which is very powerful. I also like them because there are so many different options to choose from. So, what are embellishments?

5 Ways to Create Fun Direct Mail With Embellishments:

  1. Embossing – You can create a fun embossed look when a die presses into the paper like a stamp and slightly raises an image. You can do a single-level which raises your image to one consistent height or depth or multi-level which creates a more complex emboss. Your result is a 3D effect.

  2. Coatings – You can use all kinds of fun coatings for your direct mail. They all have a special feel to them. I love soft touch, which has a velvet feel, people can’t stop petting their mail pieces when they have this coating on them. You can also go the opposite with a sandpaper coating if you are looking for a rough feel. There are way too many options here to mention them all.

  3. Texture – You can create special textures on your mail piece to make elements stand out, such as a football or basketball with a dimply rubber feel. This would be only on the ball not the entire mailer. When you create a fun standout texture it really grabs attention.

  4. Foil Stamping – This fun one will add an elegant look to your direct mail piece. There are many color options but the most common ones are gold and silver. This can be used on images as well as text so get creative and try enhancing your mail with foil.

  5. Metallic or Glitter – This will allow you to create direct mail with a sparkle. They come in many colors and are commonly used on mail pieces that are advertising cars or trucks. The combination of bright colors and metallic flakes can really make your mailer pop. You can use it all over or in specific spots to really draw attention to an image or text.

There are many other ways to create fun direct mail that engages the senses, so stop sending boring pieces and have some fun. People want something that is not only a good offer, but new and interesting. If you are sending letters in envelopes do something fun on the envelope. Cost may be a factor for you so, take a look at what is most cost effective for you. Your budget should not require you to send boring direct mail, there are options that you can afford.

One bonus idea is a scratch off or scratch and sniff to get your prospects or customers engaging more with your mail piece. The idea is to grab attention so that you message has a longer chance to resonate. This will help you drive increased ROI.

Sensory input leaves a lasting impression on your prospects and customers. If you want to add another consider adding scent to your mailers. When you are able to create a fun, engaging direct mail piece that has an offer for a product or service that people want or need you can expect to get a great ROI. Are you ready to get creative?

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