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Security solutions to help maintain consumers’ trust

Tamper Seals

In a world of continuous change and increasing challenges, maintaining consumers’ trust is paramount. Whether it’s a pizza delivered by a local restaurant, a prepared meal picked up at a grocery store, or even a car that’s been sanitized following dealership service, consumers want assurance that their products have not been tampered with. Graphic Composition offers multiple security technologies to help converters create tamper-resistant packaging and solutions.

Growing concern, growing demand

The interest in packaging security has grown in recent years, with the rise in counterfeiting and an increased focus on food safety. The COVID-19 pandemic has only amplified this trend. In an April 2020 study by Response Labs, for example, 36 percent of respondents cited a restaurant's COVID-19 precautions when asked what’s most important when ordering takeout during the pandemic.

Such concerns are helping drive demand for tamper-protection technologies. The security labels market is expected to surpass $45 billion by 2030, according to Future Market Insights. The demand in Food and Beverage alone is expected to grow nearly two-fold during this time period.

Rely on Graphic Composition for security solutions

Our security solutions include film and paper label constructions combined with high performance, pressure sensitive adhesives. They’re engineered to help prevent tampering in a wide variety of products. These solutions are comprised of five, core technologies:

  • Void Labels A void label construction includes a pattern-release adhesive. If the label is removed, the adhesive will leave the word “VOID” on both the product substrate and the back of the label to indicate tampering.

  • Semi-Gloss and Direct Thermal Paper Labels This construction features either a semi-gloss or direct thermal paper facestock with a permanent adhesive. It can be affixed to create a seal on a box, bag, bottle, or other container. The facestock can be printed with either a general brand message/graphic such as a company logo, or a security message such as “Sealed for Your Protection.”

  • Frangible Film Labels A frangible label consists of an engineered film and a specially designed adhesive. If removal of the film is attempted, it fragments into tiny pieces that remain adhered to the substrate. This makes the label extremely difficult to remove entirely, leaving visual evidence of tampering.

  • Fiber Tear Labels A fiber tear label uses a permanent adhesive with twice the strength of common alternatives. The label will thus damage the underlying varnish box packaging if it’s removed, leaving visual evidence of tampering.

  • SharpTear Film Labels SharpTear film is designed to tear cleanly and easily in a single direction. This maintains product integrity, while also allowing the packaging to be cleanly opened. Small incisions or notches added at the die-cutting stage of label production initiate a clean and straight tear in the machine direction. SharpTear also drastically reduces the risk of accidental breaks during transportation and handling — a common problem when using perforated seals.

These solutions are proven, having been used for years in industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, and Medical Devices. They can be utilized in applications ranging from local food delivery/to-go containers, grocery prepared meals, beverage bottles, health/personal care packaging, car dealership service departments, hotels, and more.

Engineered Solutions for Unique Needs

As the security trend continues to evolve, we know customers will have needs that may not be satisfactorily addressed by our current selection of products. That’s where our Engineered Solutions steps in. Our team of experienced professionals will leverage their knowledge of the markets you serve and the technologies we offer to develop a custom solution that helps you grow your business.

To learn more about our solutions, and explore opportunities to meet the security needs of your customers, please contact your sales representative.


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