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Start a whole new conversation with Neon Pink

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

As brands look to cut through the clutter, hot pink has truly become the go-to trend in marketing, packaging, fashion and home accessories. To help our customers capitalize on the demand for standout colors giving you more choices and capabilities to capture more business across a broad range of clients and categories. Throughout the year, more brands are steering towards eye-catching colors to help drive promotions and sales. With Neon Pink Toner, we are giving you a better way to meet the market’s appetite for standout colors.

Use Neon Pink at 100% or blend it to match more colors.

Neon Pink makes it possible to accurately reproduce more colors — including challenging orange tones — and enhance images. Use it as a solid, highlight, or graphic color. When combined with other process shades, it can create a neon palette.

Use the power of Neon Pink Toner to

make printed pieces work harder.

Add urgency and head-turning vibrancy using Neon Pink Toner across a variety of applications, from promotions to fundraising and beyond. Plus, with the ability to better match more brand

colors, you can sell more effectively to a wider range of customers for deliverables including:

• Posters and Retail Signage

• Packaging

• Synthetics and Event Materials

• Stickers and Window Clings

• Direct Mail

• Business Cards and Stationery

• Menus and Table Tents

For more information and to see samples give us a call.

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