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Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Floor Graphics are also known as: Walk-on Signs, Walk-on graphics or Floor signage are designed to be walked on. Floor graphics are exactly as their name suggests: specialized decals designed for floor advertising.

The most efficient floor graphics are placed in areas of high foot traffic in permanent or temporary consumer-friendly space. As with all quality signage, floor graphics are highly customizable.

Despite their constant grounded position, floor graphics are a versatile aspect of indoor and outdoor signage. Custom floor decals can:

  • Direct foot traffic: Stores and other retail spaces can utilize floor graphics to guide consumers to optimum routes through the selling areas. These routes help highlight on-sale or premium product stock.

  • Catch the attention of potential buyers: No matter age or gender, most people tend to watch where they’re going. Floor graphics take advantage of this directional sense to optimize every second of consumer time.

  • Fight the draw of the smartphone: When customers use smartphones, their gaze often drifts downward. While this posture can cause them to miss signage at eye-level, floor graphics will still be easily visible.

  • Promote branding during a convention or trade show: Floor graphics are easily applied and removed, making them perfect decals for temporary events like conventions or trade shows. These areas typically see high foot traffic from people unfamiliar with the venue; effective floor graphics can not only grab attention but guide potential clients to the booth.

  • Optimize retail space: Larger warehouse style stores and events can have difficulty convincing attendees to walk all distances. This challenge usually reflects in areas with shifting success rates – high amounts of sales near the front of the store and lower amounts near the back. The outskirts are less attended and, as a result, less successful. Floor graphics can motivate consumers with periodic directions and incentives to keep walking.

  • Provide important safety information: Certain larger events can become crowded, increasing the likelihood of incidents. Floor graphics can help define walking lanes for parents with small children and the elderly, helping to keep them safe.

  • Highlight branding at a sports arena or other broadcasting venue: Professional sports remain a huge draw for many people. Floor graphics are an effective and seamless way to show off a logo and promote branding during a game.

  • Give non-promotional directions: While the best signage weaves vital information together with corporate branding, sometimes attendees and customers just want to know where the bathroom is. Effective signage can exist in every aspect of consumer vision, but few pieces of decals exemplify this idea more than floor graphics. Designed to be walked on, floor graphics are exactly as their name suggests: specialized decals designed for floor advertising.

  • Welcome guests: In many ways, the welcome mat was one of the original floor graphics. While these specialized decals have become more sophisticated and cost-effective, bidding a polite “hello” has never gone out of style.

  • Customize Events: Marathons, conferences, sport tournaments, special sales and other significant events can all benefit from a custom-printed floor display.

  • Point of Purchase: Designing floor graphics for point of purchase areas in retail stores can be a great way to direct the flow of traffic.

Our team can help bring your custom floor graphics to life. At Graphic Composition, we will seek to understand your specific needs and bring value to your business. Send us a message or call us to request more information on how to get started.

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